In the late 60’s my parents, brother and I immigrated to Perth from Bangladesh, looking for a fresh start. My parents worked hard to create a life here in Perth and connected through their local church to the Australian Community. 

My father was born in Kolkata to English and French parents and my mother came from a Portuguese and Indian background. Our heritage and cuisine, could be loosely be categorised as Anglo Indian. 


Food has always been an integral part of our lives, keeping us connected to our heritage. Like many immigrants, my mother connected to her homeland through cooking, passing down her love and knowledge of traditional Bengali home-cooking to my brother and I.


My parents loved to entertain. The hustle and bustle of the kitchen in preparation for our visitors and the smell of delicious spices and curries cooking on the stove-top, shall forever live on in my memory.


Our Dream

In creating Jay’s Masala Junction, I wanted to share my family’s love of hospitality and our traditional home-style dishes with our guests in the hope of providing a truly distinguishable, authentic restaurant experience. 

Our Kitchen

Our kitchen is strategically placed in the restaurant area, so I am able to chat with customers, answer any questions, share our specials and even demonstrate different aspects of our cuisine. Most importantly, like in my Mum’s kitchen, you get to experience all the great smells and watch the dishes being prepared right in front of you.


Our Menu

Most of our dishes are built on the bedrock of my Mum’s recipes with a few tweaks, while the rest are inspired new recipes created in-house. 


True Locals

We take the utmost care when sourcing raw materials for all our recipes, by purchasing local West Australian produce. All fresh fruit and vegetables are sourced from our local Swansea St markets. Sometimes we even grow our own veggies on our property in East Victoria Park. All meat products are supplied from Perth butchers and our goat and beef are proudly sourced from the Kimberly Area. Lastly, we use only use Australian prawns for our prawn dishes.


Since 2016, Jay’s Masala Junction have endeavoured to create an intimate dinning experience. Truly a family run business in every sense, I am the Chef and main dishwasher, while my wife Glennys and our daughters work in the front of house. All our diners are treated with the hospitality and care we believe they deserve. 

"Coming in as strangers, but leaving as friends."


- Jay